Stuff my cat is on

Aug 14, 2016

A bunch of years ago, some genius started a website called – it started out quite simply, with the website owner posting, then everyone started contributing, and ultimately, a book was published. And a sock knitter started, detailing not just her knitting but her riotous family life in Toronto, her travel adventures, and…

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Love. Hate. Eloise.

Jun 3, 2016

I love quilting, but sometimes I really hate the fiddly bits that I’m not very good at and I really stress out over and I wish I were living in a big hotel on Central Park where all my wants and needs were catered to at the lift of an eyebrow, like Eloise. Here’s what…

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Sewing machine accessories and car conveniences

May 2, 2016

This lovely photo was shared in Facebook, and I just love it! Creative uses for things, especially out of the box (or bag, in this case), should be celebrated. I have lots of interesting containers from various family members, some as gifts, some from my parents’ downsizing, and some just passed along. A tole painted…

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Cooking – oh, this is why?

Apr 28, 2016

So I never really learned to cook. I was more interested in reading books and helping Dad outdoors with the gardening. By the end of high school, I knew how to trim trees, transplant a shrub, split wood with a sledgehammer and wedge, and the basics of carpentry. Cooking? Not so much. So last week…

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Dragon quilts. Dragons on quilts.

Apr 18, 2016

I was working on another dragon quilt idea, and wondered what was out there on the internet. I threw the phrase “dragon quilts” into Google Images and WOW. Who knew there were that many visions of dragons? How many different mythologies do you think you see represented here? From Frank Frazetta to oriental to juvenile,…

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Chipmunk cartoon channel

Apr 10, 2016

(I’m looking back to June 2013, when we were letting the cats go out all the time, because they had figured out how to put their claws in the sliding screen door and pull it open.) Chipmunk cartoon channel here. Not sure which cat brought it into the living room. It was running from the…

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Culling the herd

Apr 5, 2016

I made my first quilt top the summer of 1979. It took 3 ½ years to actually finish quilting it, as I was in grad school for my MLS. 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there, and grumpy housemates who didn’t want the thing draped over the end of the couch! So I’ve been buying fabric…

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Post Voyage Blues

Mar 14, 2016

My mind is absolutely a seething hive of ideas and images and creativity. I just drove from Providence, Rhode Island to Asheville, NC in 2 days. I have music CDs and radio stations and I sing along, and listen to lyrics, and think about the quilts that I could make. A lot of them are…

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Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 2015

In honor of the new year, I decided to finish up something that has been lingering a long time. The “Seven Sisters” patchwork pattern is a pattern-within-a-pattern. You can to a set of seven stars, as seen here, OR you can do 7 hexagons! These stars are leftover from the bigger quilt I made in…

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The moment of possibilities

Dec 8, 2015

This is, to me, the most exciting moment in making a quilt. Oddly enough, the finishing is second, although not by much. Here, all the work that went into designing, choosing fabrics, and sewing them together, arrives in an explosion of color and happiness. It’s been ironed flat, the backing taped to the floor, and…

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