Behind every great quilt is … a sleeve?

One of my wall hangings went to the Savannah, Georgia quilt show in March 2015. I brought it to the Modern Quilt Guild meeting here in Asheville, as it happens to be my first modern-style quilt.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it lacked a sleeve. I was horrified, because I have been putting sleeves on wall hangings for years, decades even, and I just couldn’t imagine a universe or a scenario where I had failed to do so.

Of course, I had four pieces on deadline in January and February, so perhaps that could account for my being a bit “tra la la”, as an editor at a previous job used to describe those mishaps.

But still. When you send a quilt to a show, there has to be a “sleeve” on the back, in order for the show staff to slide a rod through, and then they attach it to a hanging system and voila! A quilt show!

Frankly, I am content to live in ignorance, than think my piece went all the way to Savannah and back without getting hung up, and without it’s getting to say hello to all the wonderful quilters that saw the show.

“Skylines 2” will be hanging closer to town in May, at Handmade In America, on Hilliard Street, with other works by the Modern Quilt Guild of Asheville.

Quilters’ Tip: the new quilt show hanging systems require a sleeve made differently than in ages past. If you happen to hang an older quilt, check that your sleeve meets the newer requirements!

Modern Quilts

Skylines c. Paula B. Entin