Art quilts

Paint envy – no, seriously, isn’t that a thing?

I envy painters. They can create any color their little hearts desire. They can create any texture their little hearts desire. The sky’s the limit.  In fact, the entire universe is at their disposal, in terms of what they can lay down in paint. I have fabric.  Granted, I have lots of fabric.  Boatloads, in…

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A little yellow goes a long way, in quilting.

One of the first lessons I got on color use in quilting was “a little yellow goes a long way”. Just as the sun is too bright for us to gaze upon, a piece of yellow fabric has more wattage than you would think, in a design.  It will leap forward enthusiastically, almost promiscuously, and…

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Jane Sassaman – inspiring quilt artist who leans toward art deco.

Jane Sassaman is an amazing quilt artist. I first saw her work on the cover of Quilters Newsletter Magazine years ago, and was thrilled to be able to take her workshop! Here is the link to her website where you can go completely gaga over her stuff: The workshop focused on creating a wall…

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Dragon quilts. Dragons on quilts.

I was working on another dragon quilt idea, and wondered what was out there on the internet. I threw the phrase “dragon quilts” into Google Images and WOW. Who knew there were that many visions of dragons? How many different mythologies do you think you see represented here? From Frank Frazetta to oriental to juvenile,…

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Fish are like houses

Caribbean vacations are, for me, an endless celebration of colors. Both the houses scattering the islands, and the fish schooling below the water, represent a million possibilities for designs. But this year my mind went in a new direction. A very “solid” direction, if you will. Modern quilts are primarily composed of solid color fabrics,…

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