Traditional patchwork

A little yellow goes a long way, in quilting.

One of the first lessons I got on color use in quilting was “a little yellow goes a long way”. Just as the sun is too bright for us to gaze upon, a piece of yellow fabric has more wattage than you would think, in a design.  It will leap forward enthusiastically, almost promiscuously, and…

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Hawaiian quilts and Hawaiian tourists.

After years of dreaming about it, and reading James Michener’s book, I’m finally going to Hawaii! Not only for the snorkeling and kayaking and volcanoes, but to see the real Hawaiian quilts. Here is one of the many books you can buy on how to do this: See all the little ins and outs? Basically,…

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Happy New Year!

In honor of the new year, I decided to finish up something that has been lingering a long time. The “Seven Sisters” patchwork pattern is a pattern-within-a-pattern. You can to a set of seven stars, as seen here, OR you can do 7 hexagons! These stars are leftover from the bigger quilt I made in…

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