Cooking – oh, this is why?

So I never really learned to cook. I was more interested in reading books and helping Dad outdoors with the gardening. By the end of high school, I knew how to trim trees, transplant a shrub, split wood with a sledgehammer and wedge, and the basics of carpentry. Cooking? Not so much.

So last week my partner and I get a surprise at his orthopedic surgeon, on Monday. Which is, there’s more wrong in that shoulder than a rotator cuff tear, and we have an opening on Wednesday!

Which meant that, instead of my spending a few months cooking and THEN my partner having the surgery, all of a sudden I’m on deck.

But then something happened. It got interesting.

Making the kafta kibbe mixture this morning was cool – I had NO idea there were that many spices in there! It’s a lot like all the fabrics that go into a quilt, they all add something, but also smooth it out.

Who knew?

Swoon fabrics plus 3