Downsizing my mom, downsizing myself

   Sunshine Batik, 18″ wide x 26″ long. 

………. School of Fish, 29″ x 29″, framed. 


As our lives change, we move in lock-step with our parents.  In October, my mom was moved to a new facility, with a spacious room, but with the request to only have one or two knickknacks, and nothing valuable.  In November, my sister and I looked at a pile of things on a table, at her house, and once again divided things up.

On the way back to Asheville, a LONG trip, I thought about everything I had, and how unsentimental my son is.  He’s in his 20s, and just isn’t interested in things.  He wants to help people for a living.  And maybe own a dog or two.

So I have been going through everything. Which includes my quilts, and my sewing supplies, and all the bits and pieces I’ve collected over the years. It’s both fun and challenging to contemplate what I’ll be focusing on, in terms of my fiber art, and to pick and choose those elements that will be most useful to those processes.

If you’d like to help with my downsizing project, do take a look at my quilts. Everything comes with a hanging sleeve, and can be folded and shipped.  Also I’m posting various other odds and ends. Help me move forward, and take up less space on an ever more crowded Earth.