Dragon quilts. Dragons on quilts.

Exultation of Flight; original design © Paula B. Entin 2016.

Exultation of Flight; original design © Paula B. Entin 2016.

I was working on another dragon quilt idea, and wondered what was out there on the internet. I threw the phrase “dragon quilts” into Google Images and WOW.

Who knew there were that many visions of dragons? How many different mythologies do you think you see represented here? From Frank Frazetta to oriental to juvenile, from scary to elegant to way-too-cute.

(And I don’t mean the last in a positive way. I’m not fond of cute. Apologies.)

And the colors. Whoa! Subtle colors, greyscale skins, vivid jewel tones, every possible combination is represented by this one phrase.

In 2015, I created “Exultation of Flight” for a competition on mythological creatures. It didn’t get accepted, and quite frankly, I was not impressed by what did. But that’s ok, because I like it. I had a struggle to create all the pieces of the dragon’s body and wings, I tested so many fabrics and techniques, kept notes, and arrived at solutions.

So now I’m going to do a few smaller pieces, with – of course – smaller dragons.

Then, more sea monster quilts.

Should be an interesting summer.