Hawaiian quilts and Hawaiian tourists.

After years of dreaming about it, and reading James Michener’s book, I’m finally going to Hawaii! Not only for the snorkeling and kayaking and volcanoes, but to see the real Hawaiian quilts.

Here is one of the many books you can buy on how to do this:

2016 8 14 Hawaiian Quilts Root

See all the little ins and outs? Basically, you take a piece of fabric, fold it a bunch of times, draw the design a bunch of times, baste it to another piece of fabric, and start snipping and turning the edge under and sewing it down. With tiny little invisible stitches.

Be prepared to do this for a while!

I prefer the idea of doing a smaller one to start with, in case I give up.

Since I’ll be visiting Hawaii this fall, I checked for a store and while they don’t have any classes, I will ask about a private lesson. The experienced quilters always have lovely little tricks to make things better and easier, which is why I still take classes.

Maybe by Christmas I’ll have finished my first block.