A la Eloise

IMG_2059“My name is Paula. I live in a hotel.”

Actually we are staying this week in a lovely “gîte”, a French b&b, in the Luberon region of France. Our apartement is below the house, and was clearly where the animals were housed long ago, with the head of the bed being up against the original hay feeding area with the wood intact!

Here is what I like:
– Amazing farmers’ markets with cherries just off the trees, cheese fresh from the goats, and yummy sausage of all sorts.

Here’s what else I like:
– Gorgeous flowers and flowering shrubs all over, some which are new to us. Vineyards and olive trees everywhere. Pigeons cooing, martins swooping among the trees, lots of cats and dogs.

Here’s what I don’t like:
– The”hypoallergenic” soap the host used to wash all the bed linens and towels, that is so highly perfumed I’ve spent 2 nights on the sofa, which is too short for my 5 feet 2 inches, and getting no sleep.

Here’s what else I don’t like:
– The washing machine is tiny, so even with buying “savon de Marseille” which has no scent in it, the machine still can’t decently rinse out the foul smelling stuff from the previous washes, and we can’t wash the pillows anyway.

Here’s what we did our first day here:
– Went to the Intermarche and find the soap, then do lots of laundry and hung it on the line, while keeping an eye on the storm rumbling in the distance.

Here’s what else I did:
– Drank 2 glasses of a local Rosé from Mourre Negre, and then crashed, hoping I wouldn’t notice the scent.

But the coverlet was very pretty.