Love. Hate. Eloise.

I love quilting, but sometimes I really hate the fiddly bits that I’m not very good at and I really stress out over and I wish I were living in a big hotel on Central Park where all my wants and needs were catered to at the lift of an eyebrow, like Eloise.

Here’s what I love about quilting:

— I love the moment when I sew all the blocks together into a top, and think – wow. That idea really worked!

— I love the moments when I’m rummaging through my fabric collection to pull the fabrics together because I have this weird idea and I need just the right set of fabrics to pull it off.

— I love my Prismacolor pencils, which I started buying with my allowance, in junior high. My dad and I would go to the art supply store in Natick, and I would carefully pick out a new color or two to add to my collection.

Here’s what I hate about quilting:

— I hate the arithmetic that comes with taking big hunks of backing fabric and figuring out how to cut them into pieces that will be the correct height and width.

— I hate ironing them.

— I hate sewing them together and ironing the seams.

— I hate being terrified that I’ve screwed up the math, and it will be, like, two inches too narrow.

The funny thing is, even when something doesn’t work out quite as I’d imagined, I’m still cool with it. I know I can always either accept it, redo it someday, or acknowledge that I learned something and I can move on.

I love quilting.