Luge, with a Honda.

So here’s a picture of our road. What you can’t see, is that all the water runs down the mountain, freezes up on the switchback, and makes for a really exciting ride to the little wooden bridge over the creek.

On the downstream side of the bridge, there is a lovely deep water hole, perfect for hot summer days, trout fishing (say the neighbor’s sons), and listening to the clatter of the water over the rocks.

But when it gets wet and freezes, all this stuff resembles the Olympic sport of the luge, or bobsled. It’s a sport only for certifiable nut cases who don’t mind having a lot less control over a little metal sled than I ever have over my skis on my worst day. And wearing outfits that leave little to the imagination. (Them, not me.  I rock a pair of black ski pants that are, I’m glad to say, looser than when I bought them 8 years ago!)

Except the helmets, which are like Daft Punk but with national colors on.

So really, get in my cute little Honda Civic sedan, and sled down the hill? No thanks. There are easier ways to get out of finishing all my unfinished quilts.

Of which I present three:


Sushi-cat the helpful is now living with my son, which makes certain tasks easier.  But getting up and down that icy switchback is NOT one of them.