Paint envy – no, seriously, isn’t that a thing?

I envy painters.

They can create any color their little hearts desire.

They can create any texture their little hearts desire.

The sky’s the limit.  In fact, the entire universe is at their disposal, in terms of what they can lay down in paint.

I have fabric.  Granted, I have lots of fabric.  Boatloads, in fact.

But whatever I dream up, whatever sparks my imagination, whatever turn of phrase I read, photograph I take, or trip I’m taking, I can only use preprinted textures to make it come into reality.  My fabrics have to work to represent the image living in my brain and my heart, and bring it to fruition

Moons and fabrics: 


I can use the same shapes, but the fabrics make them worlds apart in appearance.  I can quilt on top, or add beads, or applique things down, but ultimately the fabric is still the same fabric that I started with.

This is enormously frustrating sometimes.  Occasionally I’ll pull out 20 fabrics, while seeking the perfect single fabric to fit into the quilt, and I may only use one circle of it, or only use a few pieces of each one. Or, I have to go to the store, carrying the other bits and pieces, because I just can’t find the proper color and texture in a single choice, on my shelves.


So far, I’ve always been able to find a solution. Then transformation of that odd pile of fabrics into the fiber art below is living proof that I usually find a solution.

But still.

I envy painters.