Seven Sisters quilt to hang at Reuters Center, UNC-A, March thru June 2018 !


(Original design © 2018, Paula B. Entin)

Seven Sisters – the start of the voyage:

In 1991 I had this vision of the Seven Sisters quilt pattern.  It is the alternate name to the Pleiades star system, and while I adore the more traditional versions, I wanted something more striking.

I wanted glimpses of black holes and flaming yellow stars intruding into the normally calm matrix of the triangles. I wanted turbulence and turmoil, interruption, and then calm.

Endless wonder.  That’s what I want to portray in my quilts.  The possibility of creating art that will continually give the viewer something to notice, no matter how many times the viewer looks at the piece.

Seven Sisters: the tech stuff: 

The technical details are simple, and were the norm at the time.

Graph paper and colored pencils at the ready, I sketched the general idea, photocopied it a bunch of times, and started coloring and also pulling fabrics from my stash, to see what direction I could head in.  I wanted LOTS of different fabrics, different textures, contrast and blend, everything that makes us look up into the skies and see endless wonder.

Next, I cut a few cardboard templates of 60 degree diamonds, grouped my stash of fabrics according to which star they belonged to, and bought lots of tan thread.

I started hand sewing in 1994.  I finished the hand quilting in 1998.  It is 73″ wide x 85″ long. It hung at the UNC-A Reuters Center in the spring of 2018.

Seven Sisters: leftovers!

Not all the stars went into the original, so here is a petite “Seven Sisters”, which is 24” across. It can be hung in any orientation, or used as a table mat.

Both pieces are for sale.  For larger pieces, it’s important for you to know that juried quilt shows will only take a piece made within the last 3 years, so our works “age out” fairly rapidly.  We then look for good homes for them!  Do inquire as to prices.