Sewing machine accessories and car conveniences

Sewing machine M&M drawer

This lovely photo was shared in Facebook, and I just love it! Creative uses for things, especially out of the box (or bag, in this case), should be celebrated.

I have lots of interesting containers from various family members, some as gifts, some from my parents’ downsizing, and some just passed along. A tole painted wooden box, a stenciled box that I think my sister did a few decades ago, and a set of wooden jewelry boxes that have quilt designs inlaid in wood.

I also have a small collection of containers with “feet”, which started with the wonderful bowl with human feet from the Metropolitan Museum in New York (

I have one that looks like John Christopher’s Tripods, and I would love to ask the artist if he read the series as a child. If we ever meet in person, I shall.

My Fiat had a wonderful area on the passenger side that had a lip high enough to contain peanut M&Ms. I loved it. I’d put a can of ginger ale between my thighs, and the candy on the dash, and drive from Syracuse University to my folks in Boston in 6 hours. One stop at the Albany rest area.

When the Fiat finally gave up, I bought a Plymouth Horizon. I got my peanut M&Ms organized, and my soda in a drink holder (ooh, progress!). I put the car in gear, pulled out of the driveway and watched, HORRIFIED, as all the candy went galloping off the far end of the dash.

I was still finding the little guys for years after.