Stuff my cat is on

From, in 2006. Their best picture ever.

From, in 2006. Their best picture ever.

A bunch of years ago, some genius started a website called – it started out quite simply, with the website owner posting, then everyone started contributing, and ultimately, a book was published.

And a sock knitter started, detailing not just her knitting but her riotous family life in Toronto, her travel adventures, and what it’s REALLY like up there in the wintertime. (Hint: lots of knitting is involved.)

So for ages, these were the only blogs that I ever looked at. I didn’t look at fiber artists because I didn’t want to accidently borrow someone else’s design, or idea, or style. I was very aware in my early days of quilting, how many things were copied. And since the only magazine was Quilters Newsletter Magazine, I was pretty sure I hadn’t seen the quilter give away the pattern!

Now I’m having fun creating my own style, a conglomeration of all the things I’ve learned over the year: sewing, quilting, beading, and knitting. I always have bits and pieces with me when I travel. When I’m home, I keep everything up high, safe from inquiring paws and shedding fur.

(The cat in the photo is NOT Sushi, but could be her twin!)